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Off road vehicle LAND ROVER DEFENDER, 130 Crew Cab Chassis Quadtec 2 with special upgrade to personal space and space for equipment.

  • Equipment of the vehicle includes the following: board computer, control and communication system with GPS, meteorological sensor, equipment for radiation, chemical and biological research.
  • Mobile equipment for monitoring and identification of radiation, chemical and biological (RCHB) contamination. Equipment for individual personal protection and secure breathing masks.
  • Mobile equipment for authorized collection of RCHB contamination samples and sample transport.

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  • Localization and description of RCHB contamination source in places of assumed RCHB attacks, reported by RCHB detectors of the alarm system and RCHB research.
  • Specific detection, or preliminary identification of main elements of the RCHB contamination.
  • Quick provision of data concerning main elements of RCHB contamination to the person responsible for correction of initial RCHBO measures and localization of best places for sample collection.
  • Authorized collection of the suspicious collection of samples, samples of environment and insect according to AEP-10.
  • Packing and processing of the complete sample documentation.
  • Control samples collection.
  • Sample transport to designated laboratory.

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Method and equipment

  • Mass Spectrometry MS/on-line with Gas Chromatography Ramanov's Spectrometry, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry XRF.
  • Immunechromatography, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCRRT), Biofluorescence.
  • Dosimetry – measurement of dose input, dose and mild activity of a, b, g, n – ionizing radiation, in-site g – spectrometry.

Authorized collection of rchb samples – sample types

  • Air – capture on tenax, active coal, gel filters and into liquids.
  • Suspicious liquids – pipetting or gathering by pipes or special equipment, dry and wet scraped samples.
  • Suspicious solid substances and ammunition fragments – collected by tools.
  • Soil – collection calibrated bit or collected by tools.
  • Water - pipetting or gathering by pipes or special equipment.
  • Scraping samples from large objects of interest – wet and dry.
  • Vegetation and insect.
  • Equipment for individual personal protection, protecting filters, textile, carbonized material.
  • Conservation by cooling or SPE separation.

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  • Time needed to prepare the team for the task: up to 1 hour.
  • Operation time 24 hours – monitoring and authorized sample collection: max 4 places of RCHB alarm.

Certificates and licences

magic-bvqiManagement system of MAGIC TRADING CORPORATION, a. s. was awarded with the certificate of quality in October 2004 by company BVQI in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2000 which increased the value of the company. Recertification is realized regularly Company is the NCAGE code holder and the holder of the authorization to trade in military material.