Vehicle description and set composition

  • Off-road vehicle LAND ROVER DEFENDER 130 Crew Cab Chasis
  • Quadtec 2, model 2009 with the special on-board and extention equipment upgrade.
  • On-board equipment with board computer, control and communication system.
  • Portable equipment for monitoring, detection and identification of NBC.
  • Equipment for individual personal protection and for isolated secure breathing.
  • Portable equipment for authorised sampling and sample transport from the contaminated area.
  • Fully disinfectable and decomtaminationable cabin interior and exterior and the equipment compartments.
  • Possibility to plug in the 230 V / 50 Hz power source or in the portable electric generator.

phoca thumb l VSkOV-Biol-FRW

Purpose and capabilities

  • Localisation and description of the contamination source in site of the assumed deliberate use according to the received notification.
  • Specific detection of the main chemical, radiological and biological contamination compounds, rapid data report concerning main compounds of the contamination for the coordination of the first response measurements.
  • Goal-directed authorised sampling from the defined area for the confirming identification in the mobile or reference laboratory.

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Main monitoring methods - portable instruments

  • High-sensitive thin layer immunochromatography.
  • Real-time PCR - polymerase chain reaction.
  • Dosimetry of the α, β and γ radiation.
  • Basic detection of chemical substances.
  • Weather monitoring - temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction.

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Authorised sampling

  • Air samples absorbed through liquids.
  • Swabs from the environment and surfaces to transportation broths and liquid nitrogen.
  • Sampling of the surface and drinking water.
  • Soil and plants sampling.
  • Insects and small vertebrates trapping.
  • Body fluids sampling and swabbing from the affected humans.
  • Body fluids sampling and swabbing from the bigger vertebrates.

Time interVals

  • Time of preparation for the task - up to 1 hour after noteification accepting.
  • Time of the action directly in the contaminated site - max. 90 minutes.

Certificates and licences

magic-bvqiManagement system of MAGIC TRADING CORPORATION, a. s. was awarded with the certificate of quality in October 2004 by company BVQI in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2000 which increased the value of the company. Recertification is realized regularly Company is the NCAGE code holder and the holder of the authorization to trade in military material.