Tanks T-54, T-55 modernization concept


T-54 and T-55 tanks basic characteristics modernization objectives

The basis of the presented concept of T-54 and T-55 tanks basic characteristics modernization (including all sub-types and modifications, depending on the country of origin or year of production) is to unify existing machinery into one uniform model with a working title T-55M/V2010.

Main goal of the presented concept of T-54 and T-55 tanks basic characteristics modernization is to achieve highly manoeuvrable, armoured fighting vehicle, able to deliver strikes by manoeuvre and fire on different directions and within short notice with desired fighting effectiveness.

After realisation of proposed modernization, the modernised tanks T-55M/V2010 should be categorised as a minimum 2,5 generation of current tanks.

Additional goals of modernization are:

  • Increase the firepower effectiveness during tank movement by increase of first round hit probability.
  • Modernization of IR devices, exchange for passive night vision aiming and viewing devices.
  • Innovation of ballistic protection via additional armour provided on hull and turret.
  • Innovation of smoke screen lying system via new highly capable 3rd generation system.
  • Modernization of propulsion system in order to obtain higher agility and tactical mobility despite higher weight.
  • Chassis parts innovation in order to fulfil requirements for high dynamics of heavier tank movement.


Basic technical conditions for modernization

As all the different types and modifications of tanks T-54 and T-55 vary, we suggest complex modernization of current machinery, not taking into consideration age or wear so that the modernized machinery meets prescribed parameters and is fully functional in the course of its life span.

We suggest that the complex modernization takes place in the country of the owner of machinery, i.e. in the country's manufacturing and repair facilities with the technical and commercial support of MAGIC TRADING CORPORATION, j.s.c. company, Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia).

Considering the proposed scope of modernization, we suggest that technological reports are prepared for individual components meant for modernization before the actual process of modernization takes place. This would streamline the modernization and planning of production or delivery of necessary components.

Production and delivery of individual components and sub-components for machinery modernization is to take place in the country of machinery owners or by delivery of components from countries of their origin. Technical and construction works are to be implemented together with professionals from the country of machinery owner.


Contents of presented concept of T-54, T-55 modernization into one uniform model T-55M/V2010 is arranged as follows:

  • Hull modernization
  • Turret modernization.
  • Optoelectronic armament and equipment modernization
  • Support concealment equipment modernization.
  • Chassis modernization.
  • Power pack modernization.
  • Transmission unit modernization.
  • Radio and communication system modernization.
  • Water obstacle crossing ability, fording.
  • Surface finish modernization.
  • Fire-detection and suppression system modernization.
  • Ballistic resistance – protection modernization.
  • Ammunition types proposal.
  • Vehicle subsystems modernization.
  • Additional armament proposal.
  • Reserve tools and vehicle means modernization.
  • Technical operation support of modernised vehicles – proposal.

The technical specification of modernization concept is in more details described at material titled "Concept of T-54, T-55 modernization".


Certificates and licences

magic-bvqiManagement system of MAGIC TRADING CORPORATION, a. s. was awarded with the certificate of quality in October 2004 by company BVQI in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2000 which increased the value of the company. Recertification is realized regularly Company is the NCAGE code holder and the holder of the authorization to trade in military material.