LIGHT MODERNIZATION of AK 47, RPK, type 56 assault rifle and Sa 58

The AK 47 (including its clones type 56 assault rifle, MISR, RPK ...) is the most worldwide assault rifle. Sa 58 is current Slovak assault rifle with the same calibre (7,62x39mm). These weapons are very reliable and effective, but they need new capabilities for present and future battle.

modernization-ak47-1  modernization-ak47-2

Upgrading of current characteristics of assault rifle consists in completing of:

  • weapon interface
  • compensator

Weapon interface:

  • New forearm with Picatinny accessory mounting rails (MILSTD- 1913). It is backwards-compatible with the NATO Accessory Rail standard (refers as STANAG rail), defined by the new modernization agreement STANAG 4694 and was designed by a number of specialists for mounting auxiliary equipment (e.g. scopes, grenade launchers, bipods).
  • Possibility of mounting up to four accessories (tactical light, laser pointer, etc), according customers requirements.
  • Fast de-mounting front hand guards for weapon cleaning purposes.


  • Elimination of recoil and muzzle climb by rectified shot-gas stream from the barrel muzzle.
  • It improves the hit accuracy predominantly under the terms of burst shooting.
  • Design is optimised for 7,62x39 mm ammunition.

modernization-ak47-3  modernization-ak47-4

Certificates and licences

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