Monitoring vehicle MV3


Monitoring vehicle MV3 is assigned especially on state borders and important objects watchkeeping and be able detects and identify persons, vehicles and others special-interest objects in day and night time, as well as in unfavourable meteorological condition.

Vehicle is designed look like independent portable monitoring workplace, which is able 8-hours continual operations without obligation of external power supply.

For actual solution was chosen VW Transporter Syncro 4X4 with petrol engine (power of 85 kW) with load capacity increased at 200kg.

Vehicle interior was divided into three sections. The first section is the driver and front-seat passenger compartment. This section is joined together with operator section, which is without outer windows. The third section is service compartment with entrance from outer side.

There is two-man crew workplace situated in the operator section. Two displays are installed on the front side of workpace. PC with the main operating system elements, video-recorder and combined measuring device for meteorological values and time measurement are situated on the left side. The loud-speakers, radio-station holder and lighting of working space are installed on the upper side. The command joystick for a declination and rotation of the sensor head is firmly mounted on working desk. The withdravable plate with firmed keyboard is the integral part of working table.

The control PC has installed OS Windows and special command and control software for sensor head and monitoring of special-interest are, too. Whole system provides the observation of special-interest area by daily CCD camera and by thermo-vision camera. At the same time system allows the measurement of observed object distance by laser rangefinder. C2 software enables the treatment of digital maps and by GPS using operators are able to project finded targets with their coordinates into the map.

Each of displays can image the scene observed by optional camera. The interesting observed sequencies could be saved on HDD or VCR. The motion sensors for object movement in the closest vehicle surrounding are the component part of sensor head.

The telescopic mast allows the sensor head rotation in the angle nx360° and inclination in the angle ±30°. Sensor head contains:

  • Thermo-vision camera
  • CCD camera for daylight condition
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Motion detectors
  • Rotation and inclination mechanism

Actual technical parameters of each device are dependent on customer requirements.

Although the built-up area was a solution for VW Transporter Syncro 4X4 vehicle, it is possible a different solution in other kind of vehicle in case of customer request. Also it is possible to adapt configuration as per customer request (e.g. next communication system) depending on vehicle spatial options.