Measuring vehicle is assigned for measurement of electromagnetic radiation of equipment and for measurement of anti-dazzling characteristics of buildings and rooms in the range of 10 MHz up to 40 MHz. The system is designed as mobile workplace, while the receiving section is firmly built in the vehicle and the transmitting section is designed as sliding including antennas.

Mercedes Benz 316 Cdi Sprinter was chosen as the car chassis. The vehicle has all 4-wheel drive to enable higher accessibility for challenging surface. The vehicle has also increased the lifting capacity to 2615kg. Working area has been divided in two parts by cross-wall. In the rear area accessible by back doors there are situated two pneumatic telescopic masts and also there are transporting holders of transmitting antennas.

The working area is settled as a place for two operators with mounted receiving devices and controlled ejects of individual antennas or eventually with controlled swinging of the antennas. Along with that there is also a trolley under the desk with equipment of transmitting section.

As a main measurement technology the devices from prestigious producer Rohde & Schwarz are being used.

Receiving section of the vehicle includes following devices:

  • Spectrum analyzer ESP 40
  • Measuring receiver ESIB 40
  • Radio modem DR400 with power supply
  • Antenna switch
  • Antenna supply IN115 and IN308
  • Notebook with GPIB interface and power supply
  • Antennas EH010, HK014, HL050, AC308, parabola and antenna for radio modem
  • 2 pneumatic lifters for lifting and adjustment of antennas

Transmitting section designed as technological trolley includes:

  • Signal generator SMR 40
  • Measurer of performance NRVD with probe URV
  • Coopler
  • Power amplifier BONN
  • Power and Control unit SG 231 thin-rod antenna SG 303
  • Notebook with GPIB interface and power supply
  • Radio modem DR400 with power supply
  • Antennas SG303, HV3004, HK014, HL050, AC004R2 and antenna for radio modem

Although the built-up area was a solution for Mercedes Benz vehicle, it is possible a different solution in other kind of vehicle in case of customer request. Also it is possible to adapt configuration as per customer request.