Soldier equipment




ACE JUT is a variant of PIBS (Advanced Individual Combat System), predominantly intended for export purposes.
Analogous to PIBS, ACE JUT also consist of three subsystems:

  • Weapon subsystem,
  • C3 (Command, control and communication subsystem),
  • Logistic subsystem.

Some part are identical for both systems, other components are different due to distinct tactical modes and completely other climatic conditions of use.


count on assault rifle Kalashnikov AK-47 in unit weaponry, and consist of modernisation components for this type of assault rifle, namely compensator and forearm.
Other parts of weapon subsystem are holographic weapon sight and light laser module.


Command, Control and Communication) must ensure the tactical requirements of the soldier in operation. The most important capabilities for a soldier on the lowest tactical level are the good communication ability and ability for the fight in night conditions. These capabilities will be in ACE JUT (version BASIC) achieved by including of superior personal role radio with head set for communication on the squad level and the top model of night-vision goggles.
Next components for observation and recognition (e.g. laser rangefinder) are optional.


It is secured by means of the subsystem of protective clothing and individual equipment, which has to ensure the integration of individual elements of the overall equipment, soldier’s protection, his mobility and comfort.

The whole system and its fixing on the soldier’s body is compact, durable but not hamper the movement of soldier and his capability to accomplish the combat task, including parachuting from the aircraft, helicopter, as well as during getting on and getting off from armoured personnel carrier (APC).

Bearing in mind, that ACE JUT is predominantly intended for use in very harsh condition, especially in jungle, parts of subsystem are combat uniform and combat boots, specially tailored for these specific conditions. For example, for combat uniform is used completely new material, dedicated for hot and moist climate. It is 100% cotton with rip stop weave and hydrophobic/anti-mosquito surface treatment. The fabric is characterized by high air permeability and good body protection against moisture and rain and has a special camouflage pattern.

New model of boots is designed especially for ACE JUT.

Half-leg portion boots, fetlock design, with lace-ups closing. Boot vamp is created as a combination of hydrophobic leather and textile. This combination warrants that boots offer resistance of water penetrating inside, on the other hand enables some level of ventilation. Boot is without special protective features, but fulfils conditions according norm EN ISO 20347. All natural materiel, used in manufacturing process are with anti-mould adaptation.   In the upper girth side top part of gorget is sewed on.

PANAMA-type sole is POL resistant with self-cleaning ability and warrants good longitudinal and transverse stability on dry and slippery surface.

In consideration of condition, ACE JUT is designed for, equipment includes also very durable and strong pocket knife, special survival knife PARANG with survival kit included and folding field shovel, which can be used not only as a shovel or pickaxe, but also for chopping and cutting, even as a weapon for hand to hand combat.