Soldier equipment



PIBS is Slovak way for future dismounted soldier system. MAGIC TRADING CORPORATION a.s. has been, based on contract with Ministry of Defence of Slovak Republic, working on that modern system from 2004 year. Main goal is to give to land forces units modern technology for fighting, reconnaissance and surviving.

Dividing PIBS is based on NATO TG-1 definition. However for easier handling was divided into three groups:

  • Lethality – including weapon, weapon sight
  • Communication and information system – C4I
  • Logistics subsystem (Mobility, Survivability, Sustainability)

Main weapon for PIBS was chosen Hekler & Koch G-36K as one of the best weapon in NATO countries. MAGIC TRADING CORPORATION a.s also prepares a variant of weapon subsystem, using modernised heritage weapons.

Logistics subsystem contains ballistic protection, equipment and tools, which is not in Lethality or C4I subsystem.


The part of the system will be the new, modern, weapon subsystem that will replace existing assault rifle version 58 and its modifications. The weapon must be integrated into the whole system, giving the possibility to connect a sight and target pointer to conduct accurate and effective firing at day and night, in range 300-400m. The weapon has to be capable to put out of action the manpower protected by the ballistic protection class TBO 4CZ using the cartridge of 5,56mm calibre with kinetic stopping effect of firing in single shots and burst. Furthermore, the weapon must be capable to put out of action the manpower (group target) behind the vertical wall and in the light shelters by grenade.

As a constituent part of the subsystem must be a Red Dot (collimator)a multi-purpose eye-safe laser rangefinder and laser target marker (designator) which does not impair the sight/eyes, enabling to measure the distance up to 600 – 1000 m.


C4I will include the computer-network subsystem, the software subsystem and the audio head set.


It must ensure the tactical requirements of the soldier in operation. The capability to display the moving digital map, tactical sings and symbols indicating the location of the user, other soldiers of the squad, as well as the counter soldiers (weapon systems) of the enemy. The subsystem will use commercial operational systems and its modular solutions with the open architecture for further improvement.


It will be secured by means of the subsystem of protective clothing and individual equipment, which has to ensure the integration of individual elements of the overall equipment, soldier’s protection, his mobility and comfort. The battery power supply must ensure the operation of all the subsystems of the equipment for the period of at least 12 hours and it must be easily convertible with the possibility of charging in the vehicle.

The whole system and its fixing on the soldier’s body must be compact, durable but not to hamper the movement of soldier and his capability to accomplish the combat task, including parachuting from the aircraft, helicopter, as well as during getting on and getting off from armoured personnel carrier (APC).